50 Shades of Gym

We all have big expectations of ourselves and that can be a good thing.

But we really should be patient when it comes to lifting weights.

Everyday I see people who have been training for a few months trying to quickly move up the dumbbell rack and lift like a veteran. Just like in that movie, they walk in as an innocent gym virgin and BANG. Faster than Usain Bolt out the starting blocks they’re covered in more straps and belts than an S+M hobbyist swinging and swaying as weights put their bodies into contorted positions.

Don’t be tempted by all the 50 Shades stuff. You know all those straps, belts, wraps and tassles that will help you lift more. Start by getting the basics right.

That fast start has an inevitablt outcome. Injury. Maybe not this session. Maybe not next month. But somewhere lying in wait like a sniper is that inevitable injury.

The gym is about training, not competition. In sport you compete at the event not on the “training” floor. Just because other folk are shifting more poundage than you doesn’t mean you should be. It takes time, technique, consistency and more time. Be patient and the weight will come.

So ask youself, have you taken time on the basics or just gone full 50 shades?

Even the top dogs started with the basics. Words like talented and gifted get thrown around a lot in sport. Gotta call BS on that! Sure some people may never reach Pro status, but the Pros did not get there by “talent”. They got there by a sh#t load of hard work and dedication along with years of consistency. Can you say you’ve done the same? You gotta aquire the skills cos you sure as hell aint going to inherit them!

By getting the basics right you are on the path to progress and strong lifting. Get em wrong and it’ll be difficult to fix later. If you’re uncertain of how to do something, forget youtube, mens health or your pal who has been training a wee bit longer than you, get a trainer! They’ll start you off and ensure you are on the right track and enable you to build from the foundations up.

Have a good weekend people and don’t run before you can walk.

2015-05-08 12.37.50

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