It’s a great way to relax, expand your knowledge, escape from the world and relax before sleep.
Ditch your iphone and pick up a book (an e-reader aint the same but better than a phone!)

Reading before going to sleep is a great way of unwinding, de-stressing and getting a nice story in your nut before sleepy time! It also creates a sort of ritual and helps signal your body to prepare for sleep.

I know loads of people that are proud to say they don’t read fiction as if it’s a waste of time! The same people “never watch telly” but spends 8 hours a day on the internet. We get it, you’re too sophisticated for Walking Dead or G.O.T. Bet your family and other half love that about you….
While TV can be a good way to chill and spend time with the other half or family, it doesn’t really shut down the body and mind like a good read.

Reading makes us sit still, concentrate on one thing and forget everything else.  Not much nowadays does that and people are constantly trying new ways to do so.


As well as getting you to be still and quiet it also helps with improving your memory as Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”


By removing yourself from distractions you’ll start to see things you really want to do and goals become clearer. Reading gives you clarity and allows your mind to wander giving you more chance to catch up with yourself and visualise life and what you want from it. It can also just be a good way to get in some crazy stories that will never be the same on film or TV.

Now if Fiction aint your thing then there are plenty of alternatives! Find something you enjoy, a sporting hero, a book on business or one of your hobbies. Whatever just read.


I tend to hit the Fantasy genre for night time reading and business/fitness/nutrition during the day. I try to vary it up to keep from becoming bored of any one area and broaden my knowledge as much as possible. (The more I read the less I feel I Know).
One of my favourite authors has got to be Joe Abercrombie. If you like Game of Thrones then definitley give him a look up, The First Law Trilogy is fantastic, picked the first one up in Hay-on-Wye about 8 years ago and read every book of his since! Of all his characters Logen Ninefingers has got to be the best!

If your looking for some training books Dan John has some great ones, Never Let Go being a favourite but he has a good selection.

Whatever you read, enjoy it. A lot of people don’t like reading because they’ve never found anything they like. If you get fed up with a book get another one! There are plenty out there, don’t waste your time if you’re not interested! I often start one, get bored, come back to it months,years later and really enjoy it. I don’t waste my time otherwise.

With Christmas coming up, why not stick a few books on your list. Folk always struggle to buy for each other so give them a hand and pick out a read. Amazon make it easy to find suitable books to your taste. I love buying in the real world and can spend an age in Waterstones (I still always check amazon to make sure i’m not paying double!).

So pick up a book today, expand your vocabulary, broaden your mind and relax your thoughts.


And pick something you enjoy, otherwise why bother!

Euan MacNeil

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