Getting fitter and healthier is becoming more popular (Even if obesity is still rising)

Joining a gym for the first time can be a daunting prospect.

For those of you hitting the gym for years you think this is silly, crazy or just an excuse. But for many new to fitness going to a gym is a TERRIFYING idea!

So what do people look for when joining a gym? Do they even ask themselves this question? Is it purely finance orientated?

Do they just sign up, jump on the treadmill and stay there until the can cancel?

With the rise of budget gyms smashing the country it seems such an enticing offer, and if your going to go commercial then why not go for cheap?


So. You make the choice to lose weight. You think exercise will work and decide a gym is the way to go. But which gym to go to?

Well there is another option, the humble INDEPENDENT GYM!

Often underlooked by those shopping around, independent gyms are the hidden gems in any city and offer more bang for buck than most realise.



If you’re already in a commercial gym you may already have noticed the boredom kicking in. Using the same cardio equipment over and over. Going into that impersonal environment and repeating the same routine, too scared to ask the trainer for help as they will try to “sell” you something or show you their “6 pack”. Hopefully at this point you feel more confident in your ability and
have developed an understanding of what you like about a gym or at least what you hope to get from one.


So what can the little independent gym offer that the big guys can’t?

Most gyms offer a variety of equipment, classes and services. At Future Fitness we offer a vast range of gym classes, martial arts classes, kid’s classes, free personalised programmes, steam room, sauna, supplement shop and excellent service from qualified staff. At no extra cost.

There’s nothing quite like customer service in any business and this is where the little guy gets to stand tall against commercial businesses and show where that extra few quid a month goes.

We may be the little guy but we provide a service to take down any major competitor!


If price is a factor then have a serious think, how much is my fitness worth?

Are you training 3 – 5 times a week for 1-2 hours a visit?

What environment do you want to be in?

Give it serious thought, because thats quite a few hours of your week!

We spend a fortune on non-essential items every day but see a gym membership as an expensive luxury. Cut out one night out from your usually month. PAID. Stave off a takeaway night, saving calories, losing weight and gaining enough dosh for your gym. You can even put your pocket change in a jar and you’ll probably accumulate enough each month!

But why an independent gym over a corporate membership?

Well, for starters you are more than a member when training in an Independent gym; you are part of a COMMUNITY. When you support a community you feel the support in return. It’s always good to support local, we strive to do this with food, drink and other services. Why would we not do this with our gym? Being part of something more than a monthly membership, a group of local people with a common goal, bettering their health and fitness.

You will feel the benefits of being around people who love their gym, health and training with purpose.

Whereas the attitude at your general budget gym is “I’ll go for the cheapest and that way if I don’t use it I won’t have wasted too much money”

Said no one serious about losing weight and improving health ever!


The attitude at a private facility is more about comradery, investment in your health and having some fun while we’re at it.

The range of equipment you get at private gyms is usually better quality than commercial or budget gyms, as that budget price doesn’t happen out of charity and goodwill, there will always be corners cut wether it’s machines, staff or maintenance. So you get a bit more bang for your buck with equipment in an independent gym.

At Future Fitness we strive to put you at ease from your first steps through the door and you will notice the difference.

Being greeted by a person and not a combination code.

Staff members who will remember your name, take in interest in your training and help you progress. (All without expecting you to pay them extra on top of your membership)

2014-06-02 15.24.42

The owner will be present on site, so any comments can be made to the main decision maker! Think about that for a moment, that just doesn’t happen in corporately owned facilities. (His dogs are also at the gym most days for those animal lovers)

EXPERIENCED STAFF, not only qualified to do what they love, but staff with an interest, passion and background in training or sport.

Many commercial/budget gyms have primarily newbies looking to start out. While this is not always a bad thing, many newbies today attend a weekend course, check out some YouTube videos, buy an iPad and hit the gym floor to train the unsuspecting public. Not in our house you don’t!

At Future Fitness like most Independent gyms, we employ those enthused by health, fitness and nutrition. (Fair enough they may not always tick all 3 but you get the idea)

With such support available at no extra cost, how can you fail? Well obviously if you don’t use it you won’t see the benefit, but I know that I personally love to see people succeed in the gym and try to help people achieve their goals daily and appreciate where their investment is going, seeing the results to go with it. Unfortunately we as human beings are creatures of habit. We don’t greatly embrace change and sometimes are not even aware of alternatives out there.

This is often the case with folk at a commercial gym, they know they’re not reaching their potential, don’t like a lot of the folk who go there (most of whom are there for the cheap price) but they’ve been doing it so long why change?


“It’s open 24hours”

And when was the last time you trained after 10pm or before 6am?

While this may seem like a bonus, if you’re not using it then it’s not a benefit!

“But it’s big and has lots of equipment”

And how many members? 5000+?

Can you still get your workout done or waiting for every piece of kit you want to use? Is it volume over quality?

While a lot of comercial gyms have the “look”, that modern looking equipment is often the cheapest available and not always as nice to use as to look at.

“Money is tight and I can’t afford more”

£10- £20 a month is cheap. Very cheap.

Independent gyms can’t bring prices down like corporate giants. If independent gyms lose out too long they close down.

Budget giants can afford to operate at a loss for a long time then shut up and open shop elsewhere. The little man does not have the venture capitalist fund tokeep them moving.

Really you’re looking at spending an extra £2-3 per week for the upgrade to Indpendent gym over budget gyms and often you will SAVE compared to big commercial ones.

“I don’t use it enough”

Why did you start?

Are you serious about achieving your results or just pretending?

If you’re looking to get results then you need to be consistent. There is no starting and stopping if you want to make change. You need to make a commitment and keep to it, otherwise nothing will change.

Are you considering changing gyms, or starting one in the New Year? (It’s less than 7 weeks away)

Look beyond the immediate costs and see all of the facilities services and benefits before making your decision.

Remember you should be fully satisfied with where you train!

Perhaps even get a 1 month membership and go often to get a real feel for the place and services on offer.

I have even included a link below that gives you your first 3 days at FUTURE FITNESS free! So get in before January and get ahead of your resolutions at Future Fitness.



Thanks for reading all,

And wherever you’re training, make sure you TRAIN HARD AND STAY HAPPY!

Euan MacNeil

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