This is a little bit of a do’s and don’ts list along with gym gripes and things you get in every gym.

If you’re new to the gym it may bring something you didn’t even think of to light, or prepare you for bizarre incidents that may occur.

If you’ve been in the gym a while you may well be doing some of them, so it could be time to stop it, and you will definitley have seen some!

DON’T TALK THE TALK if you can’t walk or squat. If you’re starting up then chance are you don’t have a clue. This is nothing to be ashamed of, you need to start somewhere and the basics is that somewhere! Now how you go about that is another thing. Make sure you knwo the basics before prgressing, starting with a gym induction, programme and maybe a few session with a trainer.

So you’ve been training for 6 months and watching youtube. It’s great that you are interested and enjoying fitness and while you will want to talk to people about it, don’t start thinking you know it all! So often you get guys who can’t perform basic movements trying to teach others. This is equally true for people who have been lifting incorrectly for years or months. Listen to people by all means. Respect others opinions, but always get the info backed up by research or a trainer.

indexDRESS TO IMPRESS without being undressed. This goes for guys and gals. Yeah people you may have made gains and look great, well done. Really. But it doesn’t justify wearing a vest so loose we can see your nipples. Also this is Glasgow not muscle beach. It’s cold outside, cold inside most the time too so wear a proper top. Don’t wear a skin tight sports top (really a bra) hot pants and moan about people staring. Of course people will stare if you’re semi naked in public. It does tend to cause distraction…

index2Following on from the above….DON’T BE A PERV! You know who you are! Ok so some people do wear very skimpy clothes, doesn’t mean you have to gawp. Even if someone is in the gym purely for attention, you’re there to train. SO NO DISTRACTIONS. No checking folk out in the mirror either, yes we can see you, it’s not a magic peeping wall.

SWEATING DOESN’T EXCUSE SMELLING. It’s a gym, you may sweat, A lot. But that doesn’t excuse stinking the place out and turning the stomachs of others! Sweat shouldn’t stink straight away so if you’re smelling chances are you have been for a few hours. Get it sorted out, £1 for a nice anti perspirant deo, no excuses. On the other side of the scale there’s no need for excessive aftershave or perfume, it’s just as off putting. Also. CLEAN UP YOUR SWEAT. Use the spray, a towl or paper provided on the gym floor. Clean your bench or machine after use, it stop the spread of germs and prevents others calling you a dirty.


DO PULL A SICKIE. It’s not tough going to the gym full of cold and flu, it’s irresponsible and you need rest. So stop getting everyone else ill and preventing yur recovery. STAY AT HOME.

rerackRE-RACK THE DUMBBELLS. If you use it, put it back, discs, dumbbells, whatever. Use it then put it back where it goes. Even if you picked it up off the floor, put it back where it goes. Keep things easy for others and hopefully it will be easier for you. You’re in a gym with grown ups so take some responsibility and keep the place clean. Don’t hog all the weights or machines, share equipment if you’re going to be using it a while.

GIVE FOLK SOME ROOM. Now when it’s busy you may need to get close to folk to use equipment and to train. But when it’s 7am, quiet with 10 treadmills available, don’t go and jump on the one beside someone else. It’s creepy, others will think so too. Avoid the awkwardness and give some distance. (Same thing goes for guys at the urinals, don’t be that guy)


LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN THE LOCKER. Keep focus in the gym, no messing on facebook, texting or taking selfies. Train. If you use it for music set a playlist and leave it be.

LIGHT WEIGHT!! Ok if you’re pushing out a max lift then some noise is expected. But every rep from warm up to cool down is taking the piss. Keep calm and lift with muscular effort not vocal!loud-noise

GET IN AND GET OUT. A motto many could be doing with applying to their workouts. Make sure you plan your session time along with your training programme. Taking 3 hours for a session that should take 45 minutes is not productive.

DROPPING WEIGHTS. If you can’t put it down, then you shouldn’t pick it up. It doesn’t make you look cool, it breaks the weights. (accidents happen but pretending to be Kai Green and dropping 25’s makes you look like a div)

BICEP CURLS IN SQUAT RACK. Just NO. NO. Don’t do it. Don’t be that person. Bicep curls don’t need a rack.

DON’T be afraid to ask for a spot. People in the gym help each other out. Ask for help if you need it, wether from staff or other members. If someone wont help you that’s them being an asshole not you being awkward. (unless it’s a weight you clearly can’t lift, then it’s just dangerous!)

BE NICE. No one likes an asshole, you can be focused and determined but theres no need to be nasty to others. At the same time, if you can see someone has earphones in, is focusing on their training and gasping during recovery, don’t 20 question them or pester them, leave them to train and save the gossip for the changing room.


USE MACHINES INCORRECTLY, machines are designed with a purpose. You will see endless videos of variations you can do on machines, many of which are dangerous to yourself and damage the equipment. If you want to know how you can do an exercise you can’t find a machine for, ask a trainer! We will show you alternatives.

Not an extensive list by far.

What else can you guys think of that newbies should know?

Happy Gyming Folks

Euan MacNeil

#gymgripes #etiquette #do+dont #gymrules

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