Many will have heard that lifting weights is more beneficial for fat loss compared to cardio.

While this may be over simplified, lifting weights will help you to develop and maintain a healthy body composition more easily than cardiovascular exercise.

Throw in a good dose of healthy eating and you’re onto a winner.

The problem with cardio (for the general gym goer) is that there isn’t any thought to it. If you want to improve your running time or prepare for a race, great. The ” I just want to lose fat” line is not good enough nor is “I don’t want to get too big or muscley”.

Sure you may experience “weight loss” but around 25% of this will be muscle loss. So you may end up 2 stone lighter but how much fat have you actually lost?


Weight loss through weight training will be almost all fat. You may even build some muscle while losing the fat, ending up the same weight but dress sizes/waist sizes smaller. Great!

And for every pound of muscle you gain, you can expect to burn extra calories, all without moving a single one of those muscles. A massive reason to lift weights!


I feel that a lot of people jump on the cardio equipment because it’s easy to use and once on there they can stay on until they are ready to leave.

A gym can be intimidating and if you’re not sure what you’re doing then trying to copy others can be embarrasing and dangerous.

Programmes can be difficult and complicated. Websites, magazines and gurus all touting the next best thing and newest exercise. Dont fall for the hype. You can’t redesign the wheel and some of the most basic concepts will get the best results.

This is especially true if you are just beginning, what use are a load of advanced techniques, exercises and equipment if you cant yet squat?

Coach Dan John always preaches a list of basics and I feel that these will benefit most folk at the gym, newbie or not.

In fact a lot of people could use this simple approach to get the basics right and correct a lot of the bad habits and poor techniques developed over the years ( or technique that was never developed in the first place!).





Loaded Carries

Simple movements but the effect of putting these together in a way suitable for your experience and capabilities will improve your health, fitness and body composition much more effectively than monotonous cardio or over complicated colurful magazine spreads.

Now even putting this simple list of movements will be baffling for most, you may not know a push from a squat or a hinge from a door handle.

That is why I am here to help. I will be your guide if you are looking to start up, improve your knowledge of exercise, create a healthy eating plan and teach you how to train effectively and efficiently in the gym.

Want to become an independent gym goer but don’t know where to start?

The answer is here, give me a shout.

Training doesn’t have to be scary and should be enjoyable to a certain extent!

Become stronger the right way, and LIFT, LIVE LEARN!

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