I have noticed a lot of people in the gym trying to become professional bodybuilders overnight or acting like powerlifters within the first 6 months.

Social media may be partly to blame with so many people promoting heavy lifts and massive physiques, but patience is a virtue that the gym newbie needs to master.

This may seem like a difficult thing to focus on, especially “when your pal John can lift the 50’s and squat 150 for 3 reps man”. Very good for him but you my friend have got some work to do and the foundation is just the start.

Building from the foundations may seem like a cliche, but if you really want to proceed and make progress then you will have to start at the beginning and work your way up. Now this doesn’t mean small weight selection and little movements, but it does mean being sensible and working within your ability.

Now a great start is bodyweight training. Many will scoff, but is there a point trying to do a barbell back squat when you can’t perform a squat correctly without weight? Sounds like common sense but so many people miss this stage out!

If you can’t do push ups then bench press probably isn’t something to dive into either, fact. It may be something to help build strength, but if you can’t control your bodyweight then that’s a good challenge right there and will ensure your tendons, ligaments and stabilising muscles all get the chance to grow stronger before you start pushing the weight.

Already good at doing bodyweight movements? GREAT, then it’s time to get the basics down, and we’ll look at the compound exercises.

What is a compound exercise?

A compound exercise is any exercise that involves multi joint movements and the use of more than one major muscle group at a time.

The more of your body an exercises uses, the better the results can be. By using more muscles with compound movements, you can create a deeper response from your muscles, activating more muscle tissue.


Now if you’re not sure how to do these movements, seek out a coach. I help people get started with these lifts and progress is made from there. Start of correctly and continue on a path to strength, growth and increased fitness. Start off on the wrong footing or form and disaster is just a matter of repetitions.

The 3 most popular compound exercises you should have heard of, The DEADLIFT, The SQUAT and The BENCH PRESS.

If you are beginning to train (within the first few years) then compounds should be your bread and butter. There is plenty of time to focus on different angles and exercises to hit specific smaller groups, get the shape, peak, or whatever else you’re looking for.

If you can’t perform well in the big lifts then you will always be held back from progress.

This does not mean that you have to push, pull or hoist massively heavy loads. What it does mean is that you should be able to perform them correctly, safely and gain the biggest bang in terms of growth, strength and performance.


So for those of you too far away to get the benefit of working with me, or hanging on the fence in terms of seeking out coaching, I have put together the DO YOU EVEN series focusing on these 3 movements.


I’m not posting them all at once so you will have to check back in or follow me on Facebook or email (you can use the link below) as this is where they’ll get posted first.


In the meantime guys LIFT, LIVE, LEARN!

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