So first up on our list for MOTIVATION and how to achieve it, GOALS, SETTING THEM,  then how to ACHIEVE and SMASH them!

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? This question is a fairly regular one on the gym floor, but many don’t know what goals are, don’t have goals, aren’t sure how to set them or set such unachievable goals that they always miss the mark!

Goals are a great way to help with motivation, help remind you of why you are training and why you have to get off the couch, skip some telly and get your arse into the gym.

They don’t have to be crazy, drastic or solely focused on training. Too many celebrity gurus, self help books and the majority at new year set the mark too high and out of reach.

Why not start with realistic goals that will offer you a better quality of life? Have a think of what would make your life better, now let’s look at how to set a goal to get you closer to achieving it.


Ever heard of SMART Goals? Nothing to intelligent about the goals, just an acronym around the process. When setting a goal it should be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based.


So get SPECIFIC and try to answer the 6 w’s. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and WHICH?

It’s great to say you want to get fit, toned, strong.  Now lets get specific, write it down and get more details.

“I” want to “get fitter and stronger” before “summer” by “going to the gym” so that “I look good and feel good for my holiday” or “I” would like to “become stronger and fitter” within “the next 6 months” with “your help 2 times a week” so “I can keep up with my kids”.

By writing it down and becoming more specific we have already got a clearer picture of your goal, a rough time frame and a reason for action. This helps to create a real reason for your goal, personalises it past the generic and will ingrain it deeper so when the going gets tough you keep it up.


Ok, so you’ve got some more detail on your goal and maybe came up with a timeframe, now we expand on that and get MEASURABLE. In order to achieve results we need to measure, this will help you stay on track with your goal. By setting dates and achiveing the results in a timeframe you will be spurred on to keep smashing them!

We have your goals and timeframe down but are they ATTAINABLE? Do you have the time, money and make the effort need to achieve the goal above everything else you have going on? Is the goal something you can physically achieve?  There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose a lot of bodyfat is you are over weight or achieve record breaking lifts in the weight room, but set yourself realistic timeframes and make sure you can fit it into your daily life.


How RELEVANT is the goal to you? Is it something you actually want or something you just think would be cool, or even something someone else is pushing you to do?

Your goal needs to fit in with the life you want to live and currently live. If you’re young, free, single and ready to conquer the world then great, luck you! But for most of us we have some sort of commintment wether it be family, work, friends etc. Let’s not use that as an excuse, but factor all the important things into your life and how they will be affected by you reaching your goals. You may not have time to spend with the kids, so how can you keep up the goal and still be a good parent? There is always a way but you will have to plan for it. Will you still be able to reach your fat loss goal and go out drinking with your mates every weekend? Probably not! So how is this going to affect relationships with friends? Plan for all of it, weekends and social events can be a massive crux in reaching your goals so be ready for them before they happen.

Once you have all of these points covered you have a great set up to achieving your goal. Now we need to put a TIME in which to achieve it. At the end of the day it’s great to develop habits that you will keep going, but your goal should be time bound. Once achieved you can then set more goals but a deadline will keep you motivated and moving forward towards that mark. Again this time frame does not have to be defintite and should not cause stress, it can be flexible, as long as you don’t keep pushing this mark back further.

We need to keep goals a positive thing. they aremeant to help achieve a positive result, not get you so stressed, fed up and isolated that you hate yourself! But this is why you need to put a proper plan into place before setting out on your mission. Run in blind and you’ll find out the hard way, FAIL TO PLAN and PLAN TO FAIL. This goal should make your life better in some way and improve you, make sure that you have thought of all the things your goals will change.

It’s great to focus on you and improve yourself. But chances are you are part of a group of friends or family, make sure you involve them and get them in on the process.


By covering all the bases, going into detail and finding out what you really want to achieve, involving those around you and letting them know or join you and creating a positivity around your goal you are on the path to achieving them before you have started.

Now your goal is set, get prepared and go SMASH IT.

Keep your eyes peeled for more to come on our MOTIVATION series and how to keep your focus in the gym.


Euan MacNeil






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