Next up in the MOTIVATION series, DON’T OVER DO IT!

This almost sounds like it goes against the purpose of motivating yourself to hit the gym and transform into the image you desire. BUT hold yourself back to avoid a self destructive pattern that will see you throw in the towel in a few weeks.

It’s very easy to get so revved up and psyched about a new regime that you go full throttle and try to do it all at once. Change your wardrobe. Gut your kitchen and buy every “health” food on the planet. Go supplement daft and purchase all the protein, pre workouts and whatever else promises results. Go to the gym 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day and spend as long as you can there!

Yeah thats not going to last. You will burn out and sicken yourself of everything you were so excited about to begin with.

When making changes to your lifestyle it is god to be positive, great to be excited, brilliant that you’re ready to make change! But we want the changes to motivate you to keep consistency and create the change you want to achieve.

So when you start you new path, make the changes little and regular. Make a plan and join a gym or just start exercising. Once you have this into a regular routine you can get started on your diet. Buy everything and go for it? NO. Start by cutting back on things that have been holding you back and gradually eliminate them or consume in limited moderation! You know the ones, chocolate, alcohol, takeaway….

When it comes to training you may want to run a marathon, don’t try to do a silly amount if you haven’t being doing any distance running! Start small anmd increase gradually. Weight training? Great! Build it up slowly and develop proper technique and positive movement patterns, comtrol your lifts and you will become stronger rather than injured.

Reign in the thoughts of doing everything all at once, the most difficult thing to do when starting your goals is to remain in control and take things steady. Focus on your goals but build up change slowly over time, the results will follow and you will get there.

Stay motivated, stay positive and stay ion control!


Lift, Live, Learn.



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