Staying positive sounds like an obvious thing to do if you want things in your life to be positive.

In reality it is a very hard thing to do! Even if you wake up on the right side of the bed, get a great start to the morning after a great night sleep and great breakfast.

Getting to work goes smoothly and everything is great!

Then the enevitable happens, it only takes a few seconds/minutes and the rest of your day can go downhill as a result….

Someone drops a shit bomb on you from above. It may be a colleague, customer, boss or someone serving you at lunch even the bus driver can have an effect on your positivity if you let them!

Others rain negativity, doom and gloom and basic bullshit on you like the fine scottish weather i’ve been experiencing through April so far.

Don’t want to get wet? Buy an umbrella, good coat and skip the puddles.

In life it can be difficult to stay positive and it’s even more difficult to remain that way when everyone else seems intent on bringing you down.


Laugh it off, walk it off or tell them to f**K off! There is no need to allow someone else to bring you down. If it’s a close friend or colleague and they’re having a bad day then be there to support but don’t let them take you down too. If it’s someone who is always like that, learn to ignore them if you can’t help or avoid being around them. Sounds harsh but if they don’t want to change their mindset why should you allow them to change yours?

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill.

Over the years there has been more and more research into positive thinking and the results are…positive.

Positive thinking can help reduce stress, increase happiness and increase your wealth, health and general success. Sounds too good to be true and despite all the books available off Amazon, the self help gurus and general “too happy to be real” folk out there the chances of just staying positive changing your life in the next few months is unlikely. Sorry to be the one dropping the negativity bomb there!

But we can all see sense in staying positive. We know how much our mood can change when we do look on the bright side of life and try not to focus on the negatives. So why don’t we do it more?

Well research shows that this is due to our primal brains and instinctive natures. Back in the day when we were running from bears, fire, dinsosaurs or whatever other natural or environmental dangers we faced outside of our modern society, our brains helped us focus on the problem at hand to exclusion of all other thinking.

Negative thoughts used to help us stay alive by shutting out the outside world and allowing us to focus on the problem at hand and escape certain doom. Nowadays when we get those negative thoughts it shuts out the outside world and sets our brains into focusing us on doom.

We can’t see the other options and choices due to the “danger” we have been presented.

On the flip side when people are in a positive mind set, studies have shown that they become more open to ideas, thoughts and creativity. The possiblities of our mind are opened allowing us more of a chance at happiness.

But how do you achieve positive thinking?happ

I find that doing things you enjoy helps. Training, reading, writing and being with loved ones. Sounds obvious but give it a try. As Happy Gilmore found out, your happy place can lead to vistory!


So in order to stay positive, a good step is usually to eliminate negativity. Surround yourself with positivity.

Purposely seek enjoyment and don’t expect it to come to you. Play more wether it be in the gym, a sport, outdoor activites or games with your kids. Just don’t stiffle in negativity or as I always say:

Lift, Live, Learn.

Euan MacNeil



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