Changes can be scary.

Hell Scotland faced some big decisions the other year and everyone went all crazy, freaked out but then guess what… nothing really changed for anyone.

So Britain will face a vote as to stay in the E.U or leave. Change will happen regardless of the result. This may be positive or negative depending on view points and even with all the promises, fears and hopes, we will be lucky to see any of them coming to fruit any time soon.

David Cameron states it will cause world war 3, come on lets not be silly. DON’T STRESS!

Nothing we can do about it and fear mongering is not worth the damage to your mental state!

Instead of stressing over it, why not think of something you can have an immediate impact on?Forget the E.U and focus on….


Ask yourself…..what about you?

Don’t focus on what other people can do to make you happy, get you more money, make your life easier. It’s up to you. looking for change then you can start today.

Small changes can be made straight away. Just think of what you want to achieve, get some goals in place and get started. Maybe you’re out of shape. You’re unhappy. You don’t make enough money. You’re overweight. You’re underweight. You are stressed. Your life is not the life you saw yourself leading 2, 5, 10 years ago.



Talk about it?

Ignore it?

OR…..Why not actually do something about it?

No point dragging it on for another few months or years, get on it now!

Scared that you don’t know how? Don’t know if you can?


If you’re looking to lose weight start exercising. If you want a new job, start looking. Are you underweight? Stop moaning about not putting on weight, lift heavy things and start eating enough food.

Actions speak louder than words so put yourself into gear and step it up.

Today is a perfect day to think ahead. Think about yourself and what you want for you. THEN DO IT!

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” Jack Dixon

For anyone still in limbo with fitness and starting an exercising regime, PM and we’ll talk about getting you on track!

#change #yes #no #getoffyourbumanddoit

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