It’s been nearly a year since I last focused on Ladies and weight lifting, so to coincide with a class I have starting next week I felt it was time for another.

I think it has finally happened and the perception of weights being only for men or automatically making you huge is disappearing. A few years ago I would be having a conversation of the benefits of weights for women almost daily, now it is only a few times in a month. I can’t remember the last time I took on a new client that didn’t want to or expect to be lifting weights, which is a great shift in attitude!

Strong is in style, just look at the clothing available for women, the ranges are better, more comfortable and variety than for men. Women are beginning to get in touch with their inner beasts and while you may not all be grunting and screaming around gyms the desire to lift heavy and be proud while doing so is at an all time high.

The female strength movement may be a slow rolling ball but it’s moving in the right direction and many of the challenges or barriers women previously faced are being broken down including the discomfort that many women feel in the weight room, social stigmas and strength training myths thatmanage to stick like sh~*t even though all the evidence shows otherwise!

It doesn’t matter if your goal is weight loss, weight gain, strength or endurance, weight training will tick all the boxes.

What I want to focus on with my new Ladies Lifting Class (starting Friday 15th July at 7pm IN FUTURE FITNESS) is getting the basics right and building confidence with training, programmes, warm ups and cool downs, spotting and technique. It’s one thing to lift weights, but quite another to know which muscles you are working with each lift, how to perform it correctly, how to help others during training and when to know if an exercise is not the best for you.

Ladies Lifting is another blow to the stigma of females in the weight room. This class exists because of the need to break  down that wall completely. Ladies lifting will be a basic structured programme focusing on the big lifts and how to train effectively and unsupervised.

You will build strength through lifting, confidence through learning how to train correctly and become fitter as an end result!

We will be training in Future Fitness in Shawlands and will take place in the all new, singing and dancing weight lifting studio

Sound good? Fill out the link below and come along to get started next week:


So let’s look into the biggest barrier I used to have to help and push females over. LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL MAKE ME BIG AND BULKY.

This has probably been the biggest stinkiest myth to float around females and weights. While it has given classes such as “bums and tums” and “body toning” a great attendance rate because god forbid you lift anything heavier than a bag of sugar.

If you lift heavy, you will develop a musculature that is in line with your specific genetics. Women do not, and cannot, naturally produce as much testosterone (one of the main hormones responsible for increasing muscle size) as males do, it is impossible for a woman to gain huge amounts of muscle mass by merely touching some weights.

If it were that easy to get big, men wouldn’t spend so much time in the gym trying to do so.

While you can’t fight genetics you can play the best hand you’ve been dealt with. How do you do that?  Training consistently,correctly and efficiently is a start. But the biggest barrier and quickest route to getting the shape you want is through your gob.

Eating a diet of whole foods, rich with protein, vegetables and healthy fats will help you get the shape and figure you want much quicker than any fad diet, juice nonsense or slimming world nonsense.

So where do I begin? Well you’re already on the right path by reading this, so make the next step and come along to the class. We’ll demystify training and go over some basics.

First of all, the idea of lifting heavy is relative. We will start with what you are capable of lifting correctly with good technique. once you find that you can lift that weight a number of times with ease we will progress you to the next weight.

Secondly, we will set you on a programme. An effective lifting program need not be complicated. All you need are a few basic concepts:

WARMING UP: We will ensure you have the ability to move freely, and include foam rolling, focused stretching and joint mobility.

PULLING MOVEMENTS: variations of chin-ups, rows and deadlifts.

PUSHING MOVEMENTS: variations of push ups, overhead presses, lunges and squats.

CORE: strengthen your trunk such as planks, roll outs and farmers walks. No more crunches I’m afraid ladies.

It may all seem simple, but that’s the way to should be. Magazines and gurus will have their own unique and fabulous plans to get you where other programmes couldn’t. OF COURSE THEY DO they’re trying to make money and simple just isn’t sexy enough. But it is effective and it will get you results so KEEP IT SIMPLE!

The class we will be running will have a progressive programme in place to ensure you see the difference between beginning and end.

I want this class to be productive and effective so I am looking for women who want to take aprt as much as possible over the next 3 months. Spaces will be limited to 8 per class to ensure the best results are achieved so use the link and sign up now.

It will be a small fee of £50 for the 12 weeks, £5 per class or free if you have a class membership with Future Fitness (£3 if you have normal membership).


Looking forward to it so see you then,


Euan MacNeil



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