12 Events in 12 Months (+ then some!!)

I have been looking to take part in more running events and fitness challenges this year.

Schedule has put most of them off so far though. I have also been looking to raise money for charity for a while now but any event has been too last minute to arrange it.

So myself and my other half Jackie will be changing that from this month.

Starting from now we will be completing at least 12 events in the next 12 months to raise money for Cancer Research.

We are not writing a schedule for races as trying to find events around work is going to be tough and many events will have to be local or ones we create to fit in with wotk etc. We may have to do solo runs or team up with others to help raise more awareness and keep moral up during events and will also include things such as walks and munros.

We had hoped to kick this off in July but couldn’t find any big events to kick off with and didn’t want to wait until September so here we go!

I’m getting the ball rolling with a DEADLIFT CHALLENGE TODAY. (Will regret it tomorrow!)

As many Deadlifts as possible in 30 minutes WITH 315lbs  (142kg at the end of my workout!!)

We are setting our target at £500, which we hope we are able to smash over the next year, so with your help let’s get it started and raise some money.

We will be doing a few big races such as Total Warrior in September, the great Scottish Run and Tough Mudder as a finale next year.

But we will also be doing other events as they come up or schedule allows and set other targets such as sections of the West highland way and Ben Nevis.

Announcements will be made on Facebook, Just Giving and through this blog to keep everyone updated with our events to date and up coming challenges!

Here is the link to our just giving page and thank you all for your support.


Euan + Jackie


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