Been a busy few months so not as many posts as I had hoped to be getting in, I will try and keep a more regular schedule with posts!

So I set the challenge of 12 challenges in 12 months (and hopefully some more!) in a bid to raise money for Cancer Research and put my training to some good use.


SO FAR WE HAVE RAISED £205, almost half way to our £500 target so a big thanks to all those who have supported and if you haven’t use the link below.

August saw the Deadlift challenge, 30 minutes 0f deadlifts with 142.5kg, managed to get 80 good quality reps! I reckon I could maybe of got another 5 good reps if I had another go, but any higher would probably result in form slipping.


September was the first race and we smashed Total Warrior, a 12 km obstacle race. Bloody good fun and a good day out. We completed every obstacle and got our share of the mud from Edinburgh, joined by Chris Murray we had a great day and will definitley be doing it again this year!

The end of October meant my 5km farmers walk with 20kg dumbbells was on the cards. Pretty brutal but I managed it with a lot less pain than expected!

As Christmas approached the obligatory Santa Dash around Glasgow city centre, a great festive feel and some sight with all the Santa’s! Sydney joined us on this one and will probably come on board for some runs in the coming months.

So next up is the Kettlebell challenge!

As many repetitions of the Kettlebell swing as possible in an hour! I will be starting with 32kg (might not be able to last whole time with it but will record reps with weights)

So keep an eye out as it will likely be in the next 2 weeks!

Thanks for the support, it for a great cause, CANCER RESEARCH. We will keep updating with future events and let you know what we’ll be hitting as far in advance as possible.

Catch you soon,




Euan MacNeil

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