It’s always great to see people taking up fitness in the New Year and even better when the same people keep it up for the months to follow. However this is the time of year when people start to drop the good habits they’ve developed and start to skip the gym. Is it something to do with March? Is it something to do with the weather? Is it that people just get bored easily? Or is it due to high expectations that have not emerged?
Working in a gym you see people going through these phases and most people already have their own answer or solution in their head. ‘It’s the programme, I need to do more cardio, less cardio, diet, alcohol, I’m too busy……’
It can be frustrating, very frustrating as the answer is not complicated and the issue is always the same. We like to make things complicated, maybe because of accountability or maybe because we find it hard to believe that simple is often the most effective solution. Regardless the issue is nearly always OURSELVES and the first thing nearly everyone who struggles with is consistency.


CONSISTENCY – Simple is the most effective solution and consistency is the key to any goals you want to achieve. If you don’t have consistency it doesn’t matter how good a programme you have, diet you have planned or good your intentions, you will not see the results you want. Keep it simple, develop a routine and stick to it. MAKE A PLAN – consistently train 4-5 days per week and get this in place. Once it becomes routine it will not feel like hard work it will simply be what you do, then you can start to focus on diet. DON’T GO FULL HOG TRYING TO MAKE TOO MANY CHANGES AT ONCE. Make the changes small but keep them consistent, this will lead to progress in the long run.
EFFICIENCY – Make sure your training programme is efficient and designed with purpose. There should be progressions and maybe regressions included within it. There should be a goal for the end of the programme and it should last for 6 – 10 weeks. A programme is just a programme, you still need to put in the effort and push yourself each session. This does not mean that weights have to come up all the time or you have to kill yourself each session, just make sure you’re pushing yourself to that days capabilities. Your training should take between 45 + 90 minutes, work out how long your session should last i.e how long each exercise take and how long recovery between each exercise. If you are taking too long to recover then you are not following the programme. If you are talking all the time and not training you are not following the programme. Keep your training efficient and stick with your programme.
EXCUSES + PRIORITIES – People make excuses all the time for why they can’t train, sometimes the reasons are valid but most times it’s simply because we can’t be bothered. “I’m too busy, I don’t have time…”  these are excuses and what you’re really saying is that training is not a priority. Sometimes training will not be priority due to work, family or other commitments and that’s life, but be truthful to yourself and don’t pretend it a priority if you just can’t be bothered. Let’s be realistic about our training and lifestyles, if your routine is hectic and erratic then training is likely to be sporadic and not get you results. Try and work out a place for training, maybe first thing in the morning? Maybe don’t watch a TV SHOW tonight and train instead, remember priorities, an extra hour in bed or  watching your favourite show versus getting results from training, which is your PRIORITY? So no more excuses folks, get your priorities straight!
TIME MANAGEMENT – This can follow on form priorities, manage your time effectively and you should be able to fit in your training. Make sure that whatever plan you choose to follow that it does fit in with your schedule, otherwise what is the point. Make sure that however long your programme should last that you can realistically commit to completing it. Don’t start an 8 week strength programme, go on 2 long weekends away and have a mid week break then complain your not stronger! Time in the gym is also a major factor. Don’t waste time jumping around, you’ve got your programme to follow so get focused and get it done. Once your finished training you can talk all you want, play on your phone etc but not during training.
DISCIPLINE – You can like all the Motivation memes you want, watch all the training videos you can, talk about training till your mouth is dry but if you lack the discipline to keep to your programme and watch your food then you will not make the progress YOU WANT. Remember this is all about you and what you want, no one else is forcing you to train or diet. If you really want the results then you have to stay disciplined and stick to the plan you set yourself. It may not be easy but if it was then everyone would be doing it.
So there are some points to think about, digest and see how they relate to you and your fitness journey over the past few weeks, months, years…


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