As many of you will be aware I am a massive animal lover, especially dogs (Although I’m a massive fan my dog is tiny!)
So we decided that as so many of our staff and members love animals and have animals and want to see animals looked after that we would get actively involved with an animal charity. We will still be active with the British Heart Foundation, but felt that animals need our support too.
This may not seem like a big deal, but if you know who Jason is you will realise the significance of him being quiet for longer than a heartbeat. Jason managed 2 hours of complete silence enduring taunts from everyone in the gym, pokes and anything the guys could think of to break his quiet commitment. We were all completely shocked that he managed it and slightly gutted that he wont be doing the forfeit planned (We were going to enter him into a 10km race at the end of the month!).
You can still donate using the link below, the more money we raise for the Scottish SPCA the better.
The closest Scottish SPCA shelter to visit is in Cardonald and we have been down to see the good work they do and how your money is put to action. The centre doesn’t just re-home animals that people can no longer look after but is also responsible for investigating abuse across Scotland. As the only animal charity in the UK recognised as a reporting agency to the Crown Office, their inspectors enforce the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006. Centres in Glasgow face responsibility of rehabilitating and nursing mistreated animals back to health while the courts decide if they will be re-homed or returned to their owners and they often look after over 150 of these types of cases.
So help us out and let’s keep raising funds for this great cause, we will be running another Charity event in August so keep your eyes peeled for what it will be and who will be doing it.