SO what are the benefits of Strength training?
Well as the name suggests it will make you physically stronger, but it can also make you mentally stronger and more confident in yourself. This can often be due to the simple fact that as you become stronger you become less dependent on others for daily tasks and as your performance has improved so has your self esteem.
Strength training has been known to reduce clinical depression symptoms and studies relating to depression have shown that over a period of 10 weeks subjects who had trained were in a better frame of mind than the subjects in the control group who did not. So get your 12 week programme together and feel the benefit physically and emotionally!
Another by product of Strength training is that your fitness will improve, no longer need you run endlessly on the treadmill. Weight training improves your fitness levels, executive functions and memory performance. High intensity, short rest weight training has been shown to improve cardio vascular health along with strength. So if applied properly your strength training programme will simultaneously engage both the muscular system and the cardiovascular system. Not only that but If you’re improving your muscular system and developing a better ratio of lean muscle throughout your body, your body will burn through calories more effectively. So YES, lifting weights will help you to battle and BURN FAT!  Your type II muscle fibres (the kind you build when you lift weights) improve whole-body metabolism, an increase in these muscle fibres can reduce body fat without changes to diet and might be effective in the fight against obesity. That said following some of the tips below will help you get that result quicker.
 • GET ENOUGH CALORIES – Eat enough to support your activity levels but not promote bodyfat (keeping a food diary will help you judge this over the coming weeks)
• BIN refined sugars completely (fruit is cool but sweets are not)
• DONT FEAR CARBS (but eat the RIGHT kinds)
• FATS ARE NOT THE ENEMY (just avoid the trans-fats)
• ENJOY LEAN PROTEINS (Chicken, turkey, fish or some beef cuts)
• Make sure you drink PLENTY OF WATER (more in hot weather or on training days)
• EAT REAL FOOD – supplements are a good addition but they are SUPPLEMENTS! If you haven’t got a healthy balanced diet in place forget them for now.
• SHOP THE PERIMETER – By keeping to the outer aisles of the supermarket your food choices are more likely to be whole and healthy and less processed.
So to sum up lifting weights can give you a STRONGER body, TOUGHER mind, make you FITTER, LEANER and make you feel ALIVE! Just make sure that you train specific to your needs and ability.