That’s right, the big one that people F*!k up or skip altogether. The mighty, the fullbody, the maker or breaker, THE SQUAT!

Such a great exercise yet people still insist on skipping this altogether! Oh well their loss.

If done correctly this is a fantastic exercise whatever your goals. Want to get stronger, Squat. Want to improve endurance? Squat for more reps.

The big thing is though, too many people either do it wrong, not at all or with far too much weight. Let’s run over some common problems with this great lift.

DEPTH: You squat to a position above parallel. This can be because of a few things such as, you’re not looking down, you’re not shoving your knees out, you have a stance that is either too narrow or too wide, or you are not ready to go deep.

KNEE POSITION: By not pushing your knees out as you start down, you will make correct depth hard and kill your hip drive.

STANCE: Are you going too narrow or too wide, are your toes usually pointed too forward? This will result in a squat that is not below parallel.

GOT BACK?: If your back is too vertical (can be due to incorrect placement of the bar on your back) or too horizontal (not keeping your chest up) Then getting to parrallel or below will become difficult.

RACK NOT SET: Don’t set the bar in a position that is too high. This will put the bar into a higher position on your back to start with and can be difficult to re-rack!

All these problems become connected, this is why the Squat can be so complex! Hell of a lot to think about when it’s supposed to be about moving weight from A to B.

So WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? Well you could ask for help, but most folk wont! So here is a rough guideline:


• Set bar on rack at mid chest level.

• Take bar it on your upper-back by dipping under the bar. Raise your chest. – Get tight before you unrack the bar. And keep your lower back and neck neutral.

• Grip the bar – The width of your grip will be dependent on flexibility, keep the bar on your upper back.

• Squat up under the bar. – Put your feet under the bar, Squat straight up and keep your heels on the floor.

• Unrack the bar by walking back. – Take one foot at a time and ensure each step is even and purposeful.


• Bend knees and hips. Both must bend at the same time. This stops the knees coming too far forward or leaning forward to far by moving the hips alone.

• Keep the bar over your mid foot. – Keeping the bar in a vertical line over your mid foot will ensure that you keep your balance and prevent forward or backward leaning.

• Control your squat – Don’t drop with poor form relying on the rebound to help you back up.

• Break Parallel. The top of your knees must be higher than your hip crease at the bottom of each Squat rep. If you can’t, widen your stance so your heels are shoulder-width apart. The deeper the squat, the more glutes that are activated.

• Forget “ASS TO GRASS” – By breaking parallel you’re going deep enough, too far can cause loss of tension and promotes poor form.


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