At least I did something.

I’m taking it easy today.

Today’s a light workout.

I’ll do a proper session tomorrow.

Excuses like this can become a common occurrence and bad habits can quickly form.

While everyone can take it easy every now and then, there lies a risk of this becoming the norm and your usual workouts start to take a back seat. Motivation can drop and sessions can become unproductive.

Noticing a change in yourself and improvements in performance?

If not then maybe your foot has slipped of the accelerator and you’re coasting without realising it. It can happen to the best of us and sometimes it’s needed for a while. Constantly pushing it to the limits can be draining and in itself can become a negative aspect, however, if you programme your training wisely this should be planned for.

This means you get a de-load week every so often. Don’t know what this is? Then chances are your programming could do with some finer tuning.

Training well? Eating good foods in the right amounts? Restricting alcohol?  Still not seeing results?

You could be lacking intensity in your workouts. People are regularly following all the advice, even they’re training programme is top notch, on paper but they are lacking intensity.

Do you have the mentality to push yourself hard enough to make the change you require?

If not then no training programme is going to do it. I see it every day, people moaning about not getting results in the gym. Yet when you see them training they do a set of an exercise with a weight they can lift easily, stop well short of tiring then take 3 minutes to chat about it on their phone, possibly taking a photo and hashtagging the shit out of it!


If you are still the same shape, size and lifting the same as you were last year yet following good nutrition and training programmes then:

A: You are already done. You can lift all the weights, run all the miles, control all the calories and have become a god among mortals.

B: You are an anomaly and your body is resistant to the effects of exercise, weight lifting, and healthy eating.

C: You lack intensity. aLKNqRV_700b

If you think you may be C but can’t say for certain, have you committed any of these sins below:

You’re able to casually flip through and read a magazine/book while doing cardio.

You have not increased the weights/ reps you’re using in a long time. 

Not trying new exercises or techniques. Not lifting any weights. Only lifting weights.

Always stopping just when you start to feel the (good) burn. 

Taking long rest periods and turning a 45 minute workout into 2 hours (longer in the gym doesn’t mean better or more productive!)

You play on your phone, facebook and text during your workouts.

Taking the same classes over and over because they are comfortable to you.

If these sound familiar then it’s time to do something about it! Exercise with a purpose and get out of your comfort zone. Stop exercising because it’s just something you think you should be doing and do it because you want to. Ask yourself right now….Do I want to change my body? If not then great, but if you do then lets get it done!

TIME MANAGEMENT. Along with your programme, plan times and expected session length, then stick to it. Don’t over do it but don’t skip exercises and take extra breaks, stick to the plan.

Struggle with time keeping, get a watch, use your phone and set intervals or stopwatch, whatever just monitor the clock.

ACCOUNTABILITY, even the most motivated of us lose the ability to maintain it at all times and sometimes we need help. This is not a bad thing, doing nothing about it is.

Try and get a TRAINING PARTNER with similar goals and a positive attitude, Attitude is as important as intensity and both will be required. This can be difficult as people can let you down and mess up your training more than help, but find a match and your good to go. It may push you to the next level.

Membakar-Lemak-Langsing-Dengan-Olahraga-SingkatGET A COACH. This is where I come in. I will help you regain that ability to push yourself to your limits and keep going when you would usually stop. It can help you regain motivation focus and show you how to keep a constant pace to push yourself at. Make your time in the gym productive and ensure you maximise your sessions. Sometimes when we get into a routine we forget how we were meant to be pushing it. 


KEEP RECORDS. A training diary and food diary are critical to achieving your goals. If you can’t remember what you did last month how do you know what you were doing right and what was working or what you were doing wrong and what wasn’t working. You can’t fix it if you don’t know what it is.

imagesENTER A RACE or competition to keep yourself going. This can help you to keep it up when you can’t be bothered, it gives a reason to the routines and hard work and also an end point with a test to see how your preparation went. You can then see what was easy, hard what worked in practice and what didn’t.

Whatever you change, remember, NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY.

Remember. Intensity doesn’t always mean H.I.I.T sessions (High intensity interval training) Sprints, burpees, skipping, hitting the spin bike or endless stair runs. These can be great intensity finishers or conditioning sections of a programme, but we are talking about general intensity of sessions.


You should be ready to leave when you finish your session and not want to keep adding exercises or doing extras.

Hit it hard and get prepared for tomorrow! Leave the newspaper and distractions at home and get it done!

Keep up the hardwork and LIFT, LIVE, LEARN!