FAT LOSS is one of the most common goals shared with people, not just those in the gym but everywhere in life. You always hear people talking about going on diets, starting the gym or wanting to lose weight before a holiday or occasion.
So if this is the most common goal then why is it so hard!?
The answer is it’s not really that hard, but we just don’t want to put in the sacrifices to achieve it. The solutions are so simple that most people don’t even want to try them and guess what, they don’t lose fat. If you really want to lose some fat then start simple and see how effective it can be.
To lose a pound of fat, you have to either burn 3,500 extra calories or you have to take in 3,500 fewer calories than you are burning.​
Let’s look at some strategies to help with this:
Don’t skip breakfast – This sounds like an old wives tale or something your mum used to say before school. There’s good reason to it though, it gives you energy to start the day and stops you binge eating at lunch or having “elevenses” before lunch.
Exercise more – Keeping up 5 hours or more of exercise a week will help burn additional calories and aid in your fat loss. Use weight training in these 5 hours to maximise fat loss and lean muscle gain. The key as always is consistency, 5 hours or more each week on a regular basis not just once a month!
Eat regular meals – Avoid extreme diets and keep your eating simple and regular. Include a good range of meats, vegetables, carbohydrate sources and fats. Food is labeled these days so you can easily find out whats in it and how many calories.
Use a calorie counter app or better yet a pen and paper. If you are looking for fat loss, track your food. If you do not know how much you are eating and what you are eating then how can you change your eating? It’s not good enough to say you don’t eat much, if you are overweight then you eat more than you think you do, track it and you’ll find out where those extra calories are coming from.
Drink water –
Drinking water helps keep you hydrated and healthy, dehydration can stunt fat loss and cause you to function poorly leading to fat gain. Water allows for the processing and passage of nutrients from the blood to the cells and the return of metabolic by-products to the blood.
Read food labels –
Help yourself to make sensible choices by reading the food you buy. This can help you notice where the extra calories are coming from and also to help choose food that gives more bang for buck.
Cut down on alcohol –
This is where people go massively wrong, they focus on food but don’t worry about necking down the booze. Not only does alcohol contain calories, but your body cannot store it so this has to be burnt off before other nutrients can be used. Too much can also cause many mistakes, but the ones that will hurt your gut are the binge eating and hangover eating. Want to lose fat?? Cut out the booze for a few months, it’s not forever and once you’re on track health wise you can bring it back.
Plan your meals – Buying in your food in advance helps you to prepare and cook meals easier. If you don’t have a stocked fridge you’re more likely to grab something quick or a takeaway meal which leads to a bad pattern of poor eating.
Losing Fat is not just about the way you look, it’s about your body’s health as a whole. If you are over weight or carrying too much fat then you will likely suffer from some of the following issues:
  • decreased mobility
  • poorer emotional health and self-esteem
  • increased risk of organ failure
  • poorer circulatory health
  • increased risk of heart disease
  • increased risk of stress fractures
  • increased risk of strokes
  • increased risk of cancers
  • decreased sexual and reproductive health
So if you really want to make a difference to your health and fitness, start simple, stay consistent and see the results.