As the winter approaches we start to settle into our habits of work, train and hibernation.

The days get darker and the temptation for evening drinks is the sunshine is taken from us. The gym remains a constant however to keep us on track (until the Christmas part season kicks off anyway)

So with us all setting up our routines, let’s take a look at Etiquette in the Gym, although some of the points discussed this week will be applicable in many public places.


One of the biggest gripes for most of us in the gym is folk leaving kit lying around, dumbbells on the floor and weights on the bar.

*** NEVER leave dumbbells or barbells on the floor when you’re finished using them. Someone may trip on the weights. If you leave dumbbells on the floor between sets, criss-cross them or butt them up against the wall or the bench so that they can’t roll away. ***

It’s a simple fix. IF YOU USE IT – PUT IT AWAY

Just because you can lift it doesn’t mean the next person along can (or wants to) and they shouldn’t have to either.

The gym is a place for everyone to train so show respect to others and also the staff who have to constantly tidy them up.

This clear-the-bar rule doesn’t just apply to heavy lifters. Even if you’re using only a small weight plate, you still need to clear your bar or machine.

It’s not for other members to tidy up after you and our Staff are qualified COACHES not your personal tidy uppers. While keeping the place tidy comes into the job role, it is not our sole occupation which it sometimes feels like!


When it’s tidy it is soooo much easier to find stuff and get on with training!