As part of gym etiquette week, let’s talk about farting in the gym. A bit more of a funny one today but still one that can be annoying.

Human beings are gassy things and flatulate around 20 times a day. So every time you’re in the gym there is bound to be someone who lets one rip.

It is a completely normal and healthy part of life, our bodies are designed to do it and most of us love a giggle when we get a good one going, however do show some consideration for those in your vicinity!

The majority of us will try to find a empty area, toilet or keep it to the streets. However, for around every 5 polite poopers there is bound to be one happy public farter.

These are the ones who look around innocently when a foul scent wafts through the air. Oblivious to the thundercrack let rip around the area (noise cancellation headphones work too well these days)

While this is often humorous, it’s not so much fun when you’re trying to get your 10km run in or in the middle of a set of an exercise gasping for air. Especially after the weekend when folk seem prone to boozy farts that aren’t fun for anyone.

Sometime it’s the exercise that causes it though! (Many of you will have been there in a squat or yoga class!)

So before you let rip, have a thought for others around you, do a quick calculation to the collateral damage to the area and if all else fails, OWN IT!

We do have windows we open often, we also have air freshener at the desk (although sometimes that’s as annoying when training as the bad smell!)

How do you deal with a bad case of the gas?

Any tips are welcome folks!>>>