Something we don’t often think about, but some folk need to!

This isn’t just a “don’t be weird and stand too close to folk”, although that will be discussed, but also a safety aspect many people are oblivious to.

THE SAFETY EXAMPLE – Walking lunges are an excellent exercise, using a 7ft Olympic bar and marching around the gym isn’t cool and is very dangerous! Someone can easily walk into it, you could lose balance or fall…. So check your exercise routine and do a risk assessment on it.

(Also if you see someone struggling with something offer them a spot)

The workout you do during a quiet period may not be suitable on Monday night. Sure sprints up the gym floor can be done early morning, not so much early evening though.

Plyometrics are great, but be aware of others around you, especially if you’re throwing yourself about or doing explosive weight exercises.

Stretching is also great for us, but watch where you choose to stretch!

Ok onto the other spacial awareness aspect –

THE WEE BIT CREEPY EXAMPLE – Empty gym, every bit of equipment to choose from but you use the treadmill or bench next to the only other person around.

While humans look for company in the world, some people find this a bit of a violation of their personal space(this also goes for urinals in the gents) put a bit of space between you and others as it can be intimidating and come off as a bit creepy.