Doing two exercise back to back or in a small circuit. This is a great way to get the heart rate up during weight training and get more exercises into a smaller space of time.

HOWEVER… there are some considerations that some people don’t consider while doing these:

PICK EXERCISES CLOSE TOGETHER – If doing super sets or small circuits, pick exercises next to each other or that use minimum or the same equipment. If you have to run around you’re not only taking up a lot of space and machines but could bump someone in the process.

PICK SUITABLE EXERCISES – Exercises that use the same piece of equipment such as a barbell, dumbbell or body weight exercises are much more suitable to this sort of training. Picking 4 weight machines around the gym is not.

CHOOSE YOUR TIME – Doing workouts like this is no problem if the gym is quiet, as long as you respect other members training. But during busier times it might not be. It’s not practical to take up a lot of equipment or a large area when people are looking for free space, machines or dumbbells. This also goes for “drop sets”, don’t hog all the dumbbells because your programme says so. Use your head and think of the people around you when setting up your workout station.

GET OFF YOUR PHONE – If you are partaking in this sort of exercise programme, get off our phone! It’s not acceptable to take up space and equipment/machines then proceed to piss about on Instagram for 5 minutes between sets. You’re either training or not – GET IT DONE!