We touched upon this in the last post. Mobile phones upset some people beyond belief.

They are part of our daily lives, everyone has one now and they are here to stay. So let’s talk about appropriate use in the gym-

USING FOR MUSIC – This is needed for most people. If not just to motivate them, to stop them being distracted. This can also be useful if you just want to be left alone and train, gym are social places but sometimes you just want to get your workout done, we get that! If you see someone focused and training away with headphones, it’s probably not the time to start trying to have a conversation!

SELFIES – While we’re not selfie police, a bit of discretion goes a long way when taking gym selfies. Also a gym seflie and continue training is fine, a photo shoot while taking up equipment is not. It’s a fine balance but glares from other gym users will usually indicate you’ve gone too far. And no tops of for them either. Just no.

TIMERS – A great way to keep you moving through your training. Time your recovery and make sure that the 60 second recovery doesn’t quickly turn into 5 minutes (a common occurrence that people don’t even notice!) If you monitor your recovery time you will see the results coming from your training!

TEXTS + CALLS – We’re busy people and love to chat, so you’ll probably text while training. Unlike driving it is legal to do so, just make sure you’re not sitting on a machine endlessly texting and not training. Other people want to use the machine as well. If you’re getting into a group chat there are seats at reception and you can grab a coffee while you’re at it!