Bicep curls are a great secondary exercise and can benefit many lifts. They are also one of the most satisfying movements to do in training, especially when you are finished with some of the bigger lifts!


This can be done on a Preacher bench or an incline bench using a dumbbell…however to make the set up even easier we will look at the Hammer Strength Preacher curls which is available for use at Future Fitness where we will be training from.

The Hammer Strength Preacher Curl is an exercise machine exercise that primarily targets the biceps.

Step 1: Position the height of the seat so that your entire triceps, all the way down to the elbow, rest flat against the pad.
Step 2: Come up off the seat and lean forward to grab the Y shaped bar with an underhand grip.
Step 3: Partly curl the weight up so that you can sit back down.
Step 4: Next, begin the exercise by curling the weight up as far as you can.
Step 5: Slowly lower the weight back down, but do NOT allow your arms to completely lock. Repeat as necessary

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