The most common complaint from people training is that they are NOT LOSING WEIGHT…..

As you’ll be aware from previous blogs, when focusing on losing weight it is really FAT we want to lose.

We can lose weight by losing fat, but weight loss can also mean muscle loss and this we do not want. The more muscle mass you have (I’m not talking giant bodybuilder muscle) the more calories you burn on a daily basis. Muscle also helps us move and perform daily functions so it is good to have about!


PROBLEM: YOU’RE IN THE GYM TOO LONG – This may sound silly but training too long doesn’t help lose fat. You can go on a treadmill for an hour and lose fat, but your body adapts and the only thing that helps to keep progressing is to go longer or faster. This will inevitably become boring and impossible to maintain and you’ll stop. This can often lead to regaining that lost fat.

SOLUTION: Keep your time focused and focus on intensity. This doesn’t mean that your whole workout has to be a battle of high intensity exercises, but keep rest periods low and when you’re training make sure you’re contracting the muscles and performing the exercises to your best ability. Up the intensity and select compound movements for best results. Steady state cardio may burn calories during exercise, interval and strength training can help raise your metabolic rate and increase your calorie and fat burning for up to 48 hours after your workout!

Remember, we have the awesome MYZONE belts that track your activity and effort so you know how your session was!

PROBLEM – NOT TRACKING YOUR FOOD – Food tracking may not be appealing, but if you don’t know what you’re eating, you’re not holding yourself accountable and you will not get the results you are looking for. Track what you eat and when you need to make change it will be much simpler, you will also notice those hidden extras that you would otherwise forget about!

SOLUTION – USE A CALORIE TRACKER – By using a calorie tracker such as MyFitnessPal you will get a much more accurate idea of how many calories you are consuming. If apps aren’t your thing then use a pen and paper, whatever keeps you Accountable and mindful of what you are eating.

PROBLEM – YOU KEEP TREATING YOURSELF – While being too strict with your eating is a bad idea, constantly treating yourself or allowing yourself those indulgences can be very bad. If you are overweight then chances are you’ve spent a good amount of time treating yourself, as such if you are serious about losing Fat you will have to be strict for a good period of time.

SOLUTION – While you shouldn’t be treating yourself and having ‘cheat’ days, you shouldn’t be depriving yourself either. Obviously if you are looking to move a good amount of fat then avoiding sweets, alcohol and takeaways is a must. But you can find healthy alternatives and the occasional sweet is fine as long as it fits in with your calorie tracking. Just don’t fall into that pit of not counting sweets etc then wondering why you haven’t lost the fat you expected.

PROBLEM – OVER ESTIMATING ACTIVITY, UNDER ESTIMATING FOOD – This is a big one and shouldn’t be so much of an issue if you use your calorie tracker. But too many people see their FitBit results and think they can eat some extra food, the readings on these gadgets should be taken as a guide.

SOLUTION – Using these programmes to track our calories and activities is great, but it is just a guideline. If you’ve set yourself goals to lose weight then stick to them. Follow your planned calorie intake and exercise regime, if you get extra activity here and there GREAT! But you will probably eat a few extra things here and there too so it all balances out and shouldn’t;t be an excuse to squeeze in extra!


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