Over the past few years more people are realising the benefits of resistance training to achieve fat loss.

But many people are still stuck in the 90’s mentality that the only way to lose fat is through cardio and weights are only for those who want to get massive.

On the other side of this coin are those who think weights are the only way to train and doing any cardio will make them shrivel away all their muscle.

Both are extreme but when you talk to people many still hold variations of these ideas in their heads.

Cardio is a great way to exercise, many of us should do more in our training as it is good for our fitness. Far too many of us don’t do nearly enough, even if it’s just walking a lot of people would struggle to run or walk 10km in one go.

However using this as the only means of fat loss is not efficient.

Sure you may experience “weight loss” but around 25% of this will be muscle loss and there will also be water loss. So you may end up 2 stone lighter but how much fat have you actually lost?

This is what pushes people to the treadmill, they experience “weight loss” and assume this is “fat loss”, then wonder why it bounces back so quickly afterwards. Tie this in with yoyo dieting and then we start to see why so many people struggle with maintaining their weight.

On the other side of the great debate we have those who believe lifting weights is more beneficial for fat loss compared to cardio.

This is an over simplified view. But using resistance training can help you to develop a healthy body composition and weight loss through weight training will be almost all fat.

And for every pound of muscle you gain, you can expect to burn extra calories, which isn’t the same when you put on a pound of fat.


Why can’t you do both?

Why do you only have to do weights or cardio?

Surely a healthier balance would be to include cardio throughout your workouts or alternate days?

Too many people believe that lifting weights will make them too muscly or cardio will cause their muscle to disappear.

Neither of these is likely to happen..


As with most things in life, balance is key.

If you are guilty of focusing on one type of training alone, get more cardio into your weight training routine and get more weights into your cardio routine.

Even if you are a powerlifter or strongman, cardio will benefit your training. Long distance runner will see the benefit of weight training to their performance.

When we think of both of these we always think extremes, which most of us will never have to worry about.

If you are currently only focusing on cardio, add 20 minutes resistance training to your workout and see the difference. Only weight training? Then try 20 minutes of cardio and see what results you get!


I can help balance your training and introduce you to some new techniques to help you get the results you want.