Weekends are awesome, no work and time to do what you want!

However if your focus is to lose weight then the weekends are where most people go wrong….

If you are struggling with your weight and want to lose some fat, then you will have to make some changes to your current routine.

These are sometimes as small as changing to diet drinks and cutting out takeaways every weekend.

However working in a gym you see the same patterns, people aren’t happy with their weight and the way they look. They want to make a change and start training. They want to make an effort and do so Monday to Friday, but then they’ve been good all week so they can go easy on the weekend???

Hmm, this may be ok once in a while if you’ve been training hard and are making serious progress, however it is usually the thing holding people back form making the progress they want.

Weekends become a twilight zone where it’s fine to have a big breakfast out with friends, coffees and maybe a sweet, lunch and some dinner out followed by drinks.

Sounds like an alright day out eh?

But it’s also a hell of a lot of calorie intake and usually enough to stop and weight loss if not put some more weight on.

The reason most people don’t notice they’re putting on weight is that it happens gradually. Usually over a period of a few years someone will transform slowly into a position they are not happy with.

It’s easily done in these days of convenience foods, transport and little exercise along with sedentary jobs.

We don’t move enough and eat too much, simple. This leads to weight gain and can be a bugger to shift, but you can shift it.

If you want to shift it though you will have to change your current habits. This is not a punishment, it is a fact.

It is your current patterns and habits that have led to weight gain and if these don’t change neither will your weight.

It might not be massive changes, focus on better food choices, monitor calorie intake and swap some drinks around. Diet coke instead of regular, spirit and low cal mixer instead of pint.

Tracking your food will help you massively with achieving your goal. If you don’t know what you’re putting in then how will you adjust your diet?

It doesn’t have to be all the time but until you realise what you’re putting in it will be hard to shake some fat off. A pint is around 250cal, a glass of Red wine similar. 4 or 5 is over 1000 calories….. you can see how easily calories can add up at the weekend. 3500 calories is the magic number of calories that make up a pound of fat.

Will you be 3500 calories under this week for weight loss or 3500 calories over for weight gain?

To lose the pound you would be looking to drop 500 calories a day from your diet. This can be through food and diet so if you think 200 from exercise and 300 from food it’s not so scary.

However this need to be kept up long term to shift some weight!

On the other hand you can see how it can easily shift to weight gain. A good week followed by a bad weekend can lead to well over 3500 calories+.

Food is labelled these days and has calorie and nutritional information on it. This makes it easy for us to monitor calories.

Can’t be bothered looking at this information? Then you’re not really interested or ready to lose weight.

That’s not a problem if you’re not looking to lose weight, but if you are it’s time to drop the lazy attitude and put some work in!

People like to find escape goats when it comes to ACCOUNTABILITY. They find it hard to admit they have been lazy, they have not been bothered about their health and they have not been behaved with food.

We like to think we are grown up because of our age, but most of us are not. If you try and blame other people or situations for problems that are caused by and only affect you then you are not a grown up. Children play the blame game not grown ups.

Sometimes people don’t have time to fit training in or to prepare food, but this is not the case all the time and doesn’t mean you have to eat junk food.

If you take a step back and plan your week you can usually find ways to make your life fitter and healthier. This may be walking instead of the car or bus or getting a walk in instead of watching telly and eating biscuits (don’t start making excuses already for why this wouldn’t work).

Monitor how much television you watch each night, now add this up in a week and see how much time you could have had to prepare some food or get some form of exercise in.

People also confuse exercise with 2 hours in the gym. Go for a walk, play a sport or get 20 minutes of exercise in!

It all counts and works towards a healthier you so think about what you could do to make next week healthier now.

If you need help or advice send me a message,

Coach Euan