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Many will have heard that lifting weights is more beneficial for fat loss compared to cardio. While this may be over simplified, lifting weights will help you to develop and maintain a healthy body composition more easily than cardiovascular exercise. Throw in a good dose of healthy eating and you’re onto a winner. The problem with cardio (for the general gym goer) is that … Read More WHY LIFT WEIGHTS?


Want to know how to perform the leg curl? This machine version of the hamstring curl is great for targeting the hamstrings in the back of your legs. Check out the video and contact me if you have any questions,



GYM ETIQUETTE WEEK… 5 – MOBILE PHONES. We touched upon this in the last post. Mobile phones upset some people beyond belief. They are part of our daily lives, everyone has one now and they are here to stay. So let’s talk about appropriate use in the gym- USING FOR MUSIC – This is needed for most people. If not just to motivate them, … Read More MOBILE PHONES IN THE GYM…



At least I did something. I’m taking it easy today. Today’s a light workout. I’ll do a proper session tomorrow. Excuses like this can become a common occurrence and bad habits can quickly form. While everyone can take it easy every now and then,┬áthere lies a risk of this becoming the norm and your usual workouts start to take a back seat. Motivation can … Read More HAS INTENSITY LEFT THE GYM?



That’s right, the big one that people F*!k up or skip altogether. The mighty, the fullbody, the maker or breaker, THE SQUAT! Such a great exercise yet people still insist on skipping this altogether! Oh well their loss. If done correctly this is a fantastic exercise whatever your goals. Want to get stronger, Squat. Want to improve endurance? Squat for more reps. The big … Read More DO YOU EVEN….SQUAT???



It’s been nearly a year since I last focused on Ladies and weight lifting, so to coincide with a class I have starting next week I felt it was time for another. I think it has finally happened and the perception of weights being only for men or automatically making you huge is disappearing. A few years ago I would be having a conversation … Read More LADIES THAT LIFT



Summer is approaching at last, temperature is starting to rise and hopefully the last of the ice and snow is out of the way but in Scotland you never know. Now from the end of March through April I had noticed a massive reduction in the amount of gym goers, early risers and regular trainers. Not just the end of New Years resolutions but … Read More WHERE TO BEGIN….



We use plastic everyday. So much so we now would struggle to do without it. Almost all of our food and produce comes in plastic, whether it’s a bottle, carton, plastic wrap or bag. So if our food and drinks come in plastic it must be safe, right? Well unfortunately this isn’t really the case and many of us end up putting ourselves in … Read More DO YOU KNOW YOUR PLASTICS?



We all seem to lead very stressful lives these days. Which is rather silly considering there are more gadgets, projects, information and available help than ever before. Our lives seem to be a constant battle to find ways to make it easier, give us more free time, generate money easier but things don’t seem to change. In fact the more we get the more … Read More BEGINNERS GUIDE TO STRESS

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