Coach, lifter of heavy things, Jackie’s mister, fitness enthusiast, lover of life, eater of food and smasher of goals.

Over the years I have taken an active role in rugby, fencing, fell running, hill walking and weight training. This has led me to become a Personal Trainer and Manager of Future Fitness in Glasgow.

I started coaching rugby when I was 17 (the start of my “coaching bug”) and this led to taking more of a passion for the outdoors.  I became involved with instructing school groups in outdoor activities such as Fencing, Archery, Climbing, Raft building and Hill Walking. Leading Hill walks and instructing Fencing became my focus before the weights room pulled me in.


I help people to regain the fitness and health they deserve, building confidence and becoming a stronger fitter versions of themselves.


I do this, by helping create routine and consistency. Small changes to your lifestyle can lead to big results. We will work to provide you with a workout programme that fits your needs, likes and ability. This will help to build a solid foundation we can continue to build on.


I continuously learn through groups and mentors such as LIFT THE BAR, SHREDDED BY SCIENCE, PTDC, THE PROFESSIONAL TRAINER SOCIETY, STRENGTH EDUCATION to further my knowledge and be in contact with other professionals doing the same. I am a also a qualified PRECISION NUTRITION COACH.


Use the contact form to book your First session and discuss how I can help you reach your goals.



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